Interested in a Career in Court Reporting?

Now’s the time to see if a career in court reporting is for you! Has the legal field in some way always interested you, but seven years of schooling to become a lawyer is not up your alley? Consider a two-year associate’s degree for a rewarding career with potential job opportunities as a freelance court reporter for depositions and hearings to becoming an official reporter in the courtroom with the Unified Court System. You may want to go beyond the deposition room or courtroom and become a closed-captioner for the hearing impaired broadcasting news, television shows, and live sporting events. Yes, the captions you see at the bottom of a television screen are being displayed by a highly skilled captioning reporter. Maybe working with a deaf student in an academic setting is your preference as a CART Reporter (Communication Access Realtime Translation).

There is a serious shortage of professional reporters across the country as baby boomers retire, so firms like ours are waiting for you to graduate. Click on the first link below for a career brochure from NCRA and see for yourself!

Is your interest piqued? Click on the next link and “Discover Steno” by taking a survey to see what traits you possess similar to those of a successful court reporter or captioner.

Wondering where to go to school for court reporting? Click on the first link below to take you to Alfred State College or the second link for an entire list of schools throughout New York State, both on-campus and online.

Want to learn more about the New York State Court Reporters Association and the National Court Reporters Association? Click on the respective links below and discover what court reporting is all about.

Still have unanswered questions? Feel free to call Suzanne at 315-422-4280 or e-mail her at, and she will be glad to guide you in the right direction and give you all the information you’ll need about what to expect in the field of court reporting.

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